New Faculty Orientation

Welcome New Faculty

About this Orientation

This orientation is designed to help you get started teaching at Chemeketa. On the Welcome page, you’ll be able to get a bird’s eye view of Chemeketa’s organization, locations, and services. The Getting Started page will guide through setting up your college accounts, navigating important portals, and completing mandatory training required of all Chemeketa employees . You’ll be introduced to the processes, procedures, and expectations for administering your courses as well as helpful guidance related to accessing key College communications, including those from Human Resources related to employment.

The Teaching & Learning page will introduce you to our teaching and learning values and encourage you to reflect on how you might realize these in your own classroom. Further, you’ll find specific strategy descriptions that put those values into practice. The page includes guidance on enhancing academic integrity with your students. It links to the faculty support resources available including opportunities for professional development.

Lastly, the Student Success Resources page describes resources for your students to help them achieve and reach their educational goals. Learn about them so that you can make referrals and connections.

Steps to Complete this Orientation

New faculty are required to complete this orientation before teaching.

  1. Read and respond where applicable to the information on this website.

  2. Contact the IT Help Center to set up your employee accounts.

  3. Send your official transcripts to the HR office.

  4. Register for the mandatory employee training administered by Human Resources.

  5. To assist us with record keeping, register for this orientation in My Chemeketa after completing the above steps .

    • Fall: 40484 (August through mid-December)

    • Winter: 61545 (Mid-December through mid-March)

    • Spring: 78961 (Mid-March through mid-June)

    • Summer: 17720 (Mid-June through end of July)

  6. Complete the orientation survey.*

*For part time faculty, after we have received your survey, we will submit time cards on your behalf so that you may be compensated for completing the orientation.
Entry sign at Chemeketa Salem Campus

  • Welcome from our President

  • Chemeketa's Mission, Vision, and Values

  • Our service to the communities we serve

  • Our campuses and outreach centers

  • Our organizational chart

  • Chemeketa's Faculty Association

Salem campus during fall season

  • College portals

    • Chemeketa Gmail

    • My Chemeketa - Student information management

    • Employee Dashboard - College communications and resources for employees

    • eLearn - Chemeketa's learning management system (aka Canvas)

  • Human Resources' mandatory employee training

Student sitting at table with instructor

  • Our Teaching and Learning Values

  • Student accessibility

  • Academic integrity

  • Instructor support

  • Opportunities for professional development

  • Virtual Learning Center

  • Academic Advising

  • Counseling Services

  • Student Accessibility Services

  • Student Retention & College Life

  • Chemeketa Press