Cheltenham Challenge & Makerspace

We are excited to share what is going on in Mr. Aungst’s enrichment classes at Cheltenham Elementary. Come back often to see updates and information about the awesome activities, SYNC Curriculum, and other special experiences offered through the Challenge and Makerspace programs at CES.

New iLab@HOME Activities

Check out the iLab@HOME page to see how you can continue your iLab experiences while schools are closed.

SYNC, Young Playwrights, Coding, and other iLab activities can continue while you work from home. Click the iLab Logo to find out more.

Enrichment Experiences


SYNC Curriculum

WIN Enrichment

This year at Cheltenham Elementary we are continuing the iLab learning experience for all of our students. The makerspace is a place where students will be able to make, build, and design things.

All students in the building will experience lessons in the makerspace this year. Each classroom will be scheduled for two projects, one in the first half of the year, and another during the second.

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The SYNC Curriculum is a parallel, project-based curriculum in language arts and mathematics that provides additional enrichment to students who need more challenge than the regular curriculum can provide alone. Students who demonstrate outstanding, above-grade performance meet twice a week with Mr. Aungst for supplemental instruction.

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Mr. Aungst is offering several interest-based enrichment activities during WIN period. Each of these is available to students on a rotating basis in grades 3 and 4 based on interest. Though we cannot accommodate all students in a grade at once, we hope that over the course of the school year, most students will be able to experience one of these engaging activities.

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Gifted Screening

Mr. Aungst also routinely screens students who may need a gifted IEP. The screening process includes a review of available data, feedback from parents and teachers, and several different screening tests. For more information, or if you think your child may need a gifted screening, click here.

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