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Messages from Chelsea Public Schools:

Chromebook Distribution for CPS Students

For CPS students who need a device to access virtual learning, Chromebooks will be distributed at schools beginning Thursday, March 26, 2020. More information here.

Students Can Connect with Their Teachers and Access Voluntary Enrichment Activities

Starting Monday, our creative and resilient teachers will be providing voluntary, enrichment activities to CPS students. These activities are not mandatory or graded, but feedback will be provided to students who work on them. Activities will be designed to practice the core skills of the discipline and not teach new material. An additional goal is to support our communities’ sense of purpose and belonging as we wait for Covid-19 to pass. Grades one through twelve CPS students will be connecting with staff through Google Classroom and paper packets will be available at the seven food stations for PK and K. Students can log onto Google Classroom through a computer, tablet, phone, Chromebook or gaming console with wifi. Several wifi providers are offering free service during this time, please see CPS Educational Digital Resources for details. In addition, a Parent Support Page is posted there including documents such as: Parent’s Guide to Google Classroom and Supporting Academic Enrichment at Home. More information here.

Social Emotional Support during School Closure

March 20, 2020: During this time of school closure, Chelsea Public Schools is committed to supporting our students and families. Students who would like to speak with a school Social Worker can now do so by emailing supportforstudents@chelseapublicschools.com. More information here.

Educational Digital Resources

March 15, 2020: We are launching a website for our students titled “CPS Educational Digital Resources.” We have organized all of our online digital platforms and resources so our PreK - High School students can access them from home in order to stay sharp and engaged. These are resources our students should be already familiar with and do not require their teacher to use. Please encourage your children to explore this resource while school is closed.

Emergency School Food Program:

March 14, 2020: While the schools are closed, free lunch and breakfast will be provided on weekdays to youth at several locations. More information here.

School Closure:

Update 3/25/20: On March 25, 2020 Governor Baker ordered the closing of all schools in the State of Massachusetts through May 4, 2020 to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Therefore, Chelsea Public Schools will be closed until May 4, 2020, if not longer.

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