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 Everything you need to know about our Club's Governance, Finances, People and News

A message from the Secretary

Dear Members!

It is a pleasure to welcome you to our Club's Members Resource Hub, an Intranet area where you can find useful information that would hopefully address your most common questions and most importantly assist you in resolving your less common ones.

Our Intranet is essentially your electronic handbook, your club guide.

It has been structured with the intent of providing a member's overview of all roles within our club, from officials (directors, committees, officers), coaches, volunteers, members (players) and participants. 

This content is accessible to all of the above roles. 

Our intent is to offer you, as a member, an information-level-playing field, as it is the best way to ensure that our actions are as visible and transparent as reasonably practicable. 

We hope that you find this area useful and informative.

We would also like to emphasize that the information posted within our Club's Intranet is essential to us providing a good service, hence:

We welcome all constructive feedback on what works and what can be improved. 

This is hopefully just the beginning of this journey!

Thank you for your continuous support in our Club!

George, Club Director / Secretary

We will become the community club of choice in London, where everyone get active via the Sport of Handball, the Sport we Love!

Our Power is:


We will engage with our local community, sport organisations, authorities and trusted partners to promote handball as an alternative team sport, which can help children and adults develop their physical, mental, psychological strengths and well-being in a safe and sustainable manner.

Our Motto is:

Respect All - Fear None!

As a measure of personal care and regard we want to display toward one another.

As a means of engaging others via openly appreciating our enjoyment for our sport.

As our implicit promise to always put our team first.

Our Intranet's Contents

The information within our Intranet, our Resource Hub, is organised against (4) main sections:

You will be able to navigate yourself either by clicking yourself from page to page, moving from general-to-detail, or by using the dropdown menus on the top right-hand side of the site.

Within our Club Finances you will be able to find information on our:

Within our Club People you will be able to find information on our: