The Malberg Monthly

Issue #5, Winter '21-22

A publication and joint collaboration of Cherry Hill Alternative High School's Journalism and Art Departments under the supervision of Mr. Crawford and Mrs. Foley

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Season of Giving at AHS

by Jaiden Moran-Capprotti & Mr. Crawford

A long-standing tradition of giving continues once again this year. The AHS and Malberg Administration community generously donated hundreds of canned foods and other food items to benefit the Cherry Hill Food Pantry.

According to the State of New Jersey, in 2019, 9.5% of households totaling a number of 48,060 individuals, experienced food insecurity.

For the past fifteen years, the AHS and Malberg Administration community, under the leadership of Dianne O’Brien and Phyllis Burke, have sought to make a difference in the lives of those who experiencing food insecurity.

To learn more about the Cherry Hill Food Bank, please visit

Alternative High School Honors and Celebrates Black History Month

This is for the undeniable.

The ones who scored

with chains

on one hand

and faith

in the other.

This is for the unflappable.

The sophisticated ones

who box adversity

and tackle vision

who shine

their light for the world to see

and don’t stop

‘til the break of dawn.-

An Excerpt from

The Undefeated, a poem by Kwame Alexander

MLK Day of Service

Recently, the students and staff of the Alternative HIgh School enthusiastically participated in the MLK Day of Service. This year the school created positive handwritten notes of encouragement for the residents of Barclays Rehabilitation and Health Care Center.

Art by Davy S.

Shout Outs!

  • Mr. Koester's Careers class recently teamed up with Ms. Augustine from Cherry Hill High School West to purchase items and donate items to For The Love of Pete's Pantry a local non-profit that assists those in need. Between AHS and CHHSW, over $400 was raised to purchase items for donation and dozens of items were generously given by the AHS and Malberg Administration community.

  • Linda from transportation for recently purchasing 50 fresh banana muffins from The Wake Up Cafe to donate to a low-income elderly residential facility.

Rayaki Ramen Review by Jaiden Moran-Capprotti

Photo by Jaiden Moran-Capprotti

Rayaki Ramen in Cherry Hill is now my favorite spot for anything ramen and my favorite restaurant overall. The only dish I have eaten so far is the ramen, however, I also hear great things about the other dishes. That said, ramen is the main attraction at this restaurant.

Now let me be completely honest with everyone reading this, ramen isn't for everyone. It is definitely worth a shot to try the real stuff at least once, instead of the Cup-O-Ramen or packed ramen that one may have sitting at home. Rayaki has a large variety of ramen dishes such as shoyu, tonkatsu, veggie, curry, miso, steak, black garlic, and even seafood. The ramen dishes I have eaten at Rayaki were honestly the best ramen I’ve ever had. I’ve had the miso, shoyu and tonkatsu ramen dishes. My favorite is Shoyu, but I'm on the fence with tonkatsu because they both have a different taste but with the same delicious ingredients, the only difference is the Shoyu Ramen soy sauce broth and pork-bone based tonkatsu broth.

Shoyu ramen’s ingredients are just as fresh and delicious as you will find at any restaurant. The roast pork has great taste and fits perfectly with the other ingredients, not too much contrast with the veggies. The green onions are delicious with spring onions and the seasoned eggs are just fantastic. A seasoned egg is a hard-boiled egg with softer texture than typical hard-boiled egg. It tastes more amazing than it looks. There's no other way to describe the shoyu ramen aside from excellent, the tonkotsu ramen isn't much different aside from the soup broth but tastes different.

Polls by Keron Archie and Mikey Kuzniaz

Art by Davy S.


a diamante poem by Mr. Crawford


peaceful, rejuvenating

sitting, releasing, thinking

serenity, mindful, chaos, unrest

roaring, racing, recalibrating

breathtaking, unexpected


Pet Spotlight

by Rayne Sanders

This is Rayne' s dog Brandy! She is a very sweet Chiweenie (Chihuahua dachshund mix). She is about 4-5 years old. I got her for a surprise present in the summer of my fourth grade year.

Although sometimes she can get a little bit crazy, she is very compassionate. When I am sad, she can always tell, and kisses me and stays right by my side until I feel better!

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