MES Families Helping Families

At McDougle Elementary School, one of our quests is to ensure that all of our students have their basic needs met so that they come to school ready to learn and grow. MES Families Helping Families is a program in which Dolphin families can help other Dolphin Families when they are in need of items such as food, clothing, basic furniture, assistance with recreational opportunity costs (i.e. Rainbow Soccer, field trip expenses, after school care) or whatever else is needed.

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FHF success story

"My children's father had just moved out, and suddenly I didn't have the financial support from his work. I wasn’t able to drive my car and couldn’t get to and from work, and I wasn’t getting any assistance from my children's father. I had to pay for permanent tags for my car, and late fees kept piling up. I didn’t know what to do. I asked local churches, family members, I had a go fund me page with no responses. I asked DSS and no-one could help me. I asked Ms.Olley and she said that she would see if Families Helping Families could help me, but that it was not a guarantee and I wasn’t expecting the whole thing to get paid at all. But sure enough someone from Families Helping Families came forward and did help me. They paid off my tags at the DMV. It was the best thing because then I could work more hours and not walk home three miles late at night and everything was so much better.

I also had to move into a smaller apartment to save money and had no furniture because of unsafe apartment conditions. The parents from Families Helping Families came forward and brought me furniture and it kept my kids from sleeping on the floor and gave us a place to sit and a lot of comfort. I had become a single mom overnight and we were really going through a rough spot. To not have a comfortable place to live, and the families that came forward to make sure we did, it let me know that there are people out there that care. Thank you it really helped me and my kids."