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Upcoming Events & Due Dates:

May 29: No school! - Memorial Day Holiday!

June 5: Fun Daze

June 7: Kindergarten Graduation at 1:00 in Rm. 2

June 9: Report cards will go home on the last day of school :)


  • New photographs of the Wonderful Whos will be uploaded soon! Please keep a look out! :)

Please remember to check your Wonderful Whos' green folder each day for important information :)

Please return any library books that your student has if they have not already :)

What we are learning this week: (END OF YEAR)


1. We are continuing with Reading Unit 5 which focuses on literature til the end of the school year.

2. Reading Unit 5 encompasses comparing and contrasting adventures and experiences of characters.

3. Students will continue to use a Venn Diagram, but will also be introduced to a Bubble Map graphic organizer.

4. Students will be able to pinpoint that books have problems throughout the story, however; they also have solutions.

5. The Wonderful Whos will be able to identify the problem and solution in a text, the characters, and comparing the characters.

6. This is a very heavy reading unit! :)


1. We are continuing with Math Units 9-11 til the end of the school year and reviewing already learned material as well. Math Unit 9-11 is a combined unit that entails composing and decomposing numbers this week. We will be finishing up with Math Unit 9-11 very soon!

2. We are continuing to add and subtract numbers to 10 through decomposing and composing numbers.

3. Students are also learning about number sentences which are: Ex. 5 + 1 = 6 or 4 - 2 = 2

4. Students will use a Part-Part Whole map during some of the lessons. The Wonderful Whos are already familiar with Part-Part Whole maps. The students will use manipulatives to aid them in breaking down numbers into different parts, subtracting, and adding.


1. We are continuing and finishing up with Writing Unit 5 for the end of the year! :)

2. Writing Unit 5 focuses on Opinion writing. The Wonderful Whos have already practiced Opinion writing before, however, we are returning to it one last time.

3. This time they will begin writing about opinions about nonfiction animals such as, Lions, Tigers, Penguins, Puppies etc. and adding more detail to their writing concerning what they think about a certain animal.

4. Example sentence: I think that Tigers are scary because they have sharp teeth, and roar very loud. I do not like sharp teeth or loud noises, because it makes me scared.

5. They will also begin to help each other to edit and improve their work through buddy peer editing :)

6. We are also reading books and writing our opinions about the books.

Word Work/Letter Work

1. The Wonderful Whos are continuing to practice writing sight words and recognizing them :)

2. We are consistently reviewing CCVC words and beginning this week with Phoneme Substitution which means that we are changing the sounds/letters in words to create new words/different words.

2. We are continuing to review word endings such as, S, ING, ED, ER periodically. As well as S, R, and L blends in guided reading groups and in word tubs. As well as AN/AT word families. They are also learning about Bossy R words.

Science/Social Studies

1. We are continuing with our Wants and Needs Unit this week.