Mr. Giblin's Classroom

What's due?

Upcoming RAFT assignment on Class system in Colonial America due 10/13.

North Carolina Final Project will be assigned 10/14. A due take will be assigned in a few days.

Year at a glance for 8th Grade Social Studies

Document Based Question Assessment is this Thursday 9/29. Please check the following documents to prepare for the test:

Test preperation Material:

Frayer Model - Thecracy

Colonial Regions Matrix Graphic Organizer

Reading and notes on the three regions of Colonial America - New England, Middle Atlantic and Southern

Tiered Reading on regions in Colonial America

Rebellions in Colonial America Matrix Graphic Organizer

Culbreth 8th Grade Social Studies Year at a Glance

Upcoming class assignment

North Carolina Geography ACES assignment due 9/6/16

Directions for ACES paragraph

Homework for Monday 9/12:

Sugar & Slavery article questions with annotation are due at the beginning of class. on Monday. Students will be given multiple days to complete this homework assignment. Students can see Mr. Giblin at lunch for assistance or specific questions on the assignment.

Annotation Sugar & Slavery
NC Geography ACES 8th Grade Giblin

Students, parents, and guardians, welcome to Mr. Giblin's class site. This is an area or domain where students can access information about the class. There will be more postings in the near future when school actually begins. At the moment I have posted the class syllabus and class rules.

If you have an opportunity, please to click on the Digital Textbook link on the right hand side of the blog and you can explore one of the textbook that we will be using for the school year. I am attaching a quick description of the textbook provided by NC Learn.

Also below I am linking my class description and rules:

Student Letter