Holidays Around the World

Use the links below to answer questions about winter holidays celebrated all over the world.

  1. Diwali is the Hindu Festival of Lights which celebrates the new year. It is India’s most important holiday.

What does Diwali mean? __________________________________________________________________________________________

2. Name 2 countries that celebrate Boxing Day ____________________________ ________________________

When is it celebrated? __________________________________

3. In Romania, what is a “steaua”? _____________________________________________________

What does it look like?___________________________________________________________

Internet Resource

4. In Italy there is a special holiday on January 6th called La Befana. Who is La Befana ? ____________________________________________________________________________

Internet Resource:

5. In Sweden, Christmas celebrations begin on St. Lucia's Day. What is the date of this special day?

Internet Resource: Christmas in Sweden

6. When do people in Ghana celebrate Christmas? __________________________________________

7. During Hanukkah, Jewish families light 8 candles for each night of the holiday. What is the 9th candle called ?_____________________________________________________________

8. How many days does Las Posadas last in Mexico? _____________________________________

9. Chinese New Year is celebrated on a different day every year. Each year also has an animal associated with it. What day is the Chinese New Year in 2017 and what animal will be associated with it? ___________________________ ___________________________________