Mike Sharp

Technology Teacher

CTE Technology courses offered:

  • 6th grade - Exploring Technology
  • 7th grade - Exploring Engineering and Design
  • 8th grade - Exploring Technological Systems

Contact Information:

3D Shape Gallery

Bridge Types and Research

"Colossal Cave Adventure" simulator

LEGO Simple Machines website

History Channel Inventions website

About.com Inventions website

Scratch couse registration:

2nd period: http://scratch.mit.edu/classes/46293/register/c9c4e06fa9f74ef284082a201821e193

3rd period: http://scratch.mit.edu/classes/46294/register/f888822be65341e7a101700f0f3e6ae1

7th period: http://scratch.mit.edu/classes/46297/register/d357a5298df44395a47576aa03b642dd