Bienvenidos a la Clase

¡Bienvenidos a la clase de Español!

Please check the link to your class to find out information regarding assessments, work and snow days/ delays. Assessments and assignments may be rescheduled due to snow days/ delays. I will post announcements as soon as possible.

Check out the link to your class for this week's agenda, grade book updates and homework.

Grade book information: The following are a list of notices you will see in the grade book aside from percentages.

A (Absent)This indicates that the student was absent and needs to make up the work/ assessment when they return to school. This means no credit, but doesn't count as a zero.

L (Late) This indicates that a student didn't turn in their work. This will remain a zero on their average until it's turned in. Please see the syllabus for further information regarding late work.

NT (Not turned in) This indicates that an assignment hasn't been turned in but isn't late. This includes but is not limited to extra credit, classwork, journals etc. In addition, students are given extended time for various assignments.

CN (Corrections needed) This indicates that a student should do corrections. Please refer to the syllabus for additional information on requirements for completing corrections on quizzes/ tests.

C (Corrected Assessment) This indicates that a student came in and completed corrections on their assessment.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Señora Andersen