CCS Prom 2017

A night at the Casino

Stay tuned for updates throughout the night. I will get some roving photographers once the 8th grade helpers show up. The first updates may take a bit - I have to do all the posed pictures first. Stay tuned for the coronation (11:30 PM).

For now - here is a look at the decorations and the snacks from Mrs. Gibson (cake) and Mrs. Barnes (cupcakes). I think I gained 5 pounds just looking at them. Wow!

Everyone is here and they all look amazing. I have four ambitious 8th grade students who will be taking pictures for me tonight. My normal assistant (Mrs. Trombley) has had a bad foot for the last week and today she was on her feet all day for NYSSMA solos so she is taking the night off. As you can see in the pictures - there are some wonderful dresses once again this year. The guys don't look too bad either. Right now Arianna Grande is cranked in the gym and the students are showing off their moves.

It takes a lot of hands to make a prom happen. Tonight we have Mrs. Gardiner, Mr. Walrath, Mr. Lang, Mrs. Tourville, Mrs. Fowler and Mr. Goggins taking care of business. There were also many hands involved in the decorations, the food and so much more. A few of use older folks were reminiscing about their proms and their prom themes. Do you remember yours? Send me your prom year and theme and I will make a list. Email me at

More fun pictures. The picture frame was a great idea. There are many wonderful pictures in this set including a nice brother/sister picture that I am sure someone out there will absolutely love.

Just about time to cut into the cake. The punch and soda is going quickly due to the warm gym. The coat rack is full. I think all the guys ditched their coats almost immediately. A slow song just kicked in so the dance floor is filling up.

Also - I have had no takers in the question I asked before - do you member your prom theme? Send in the year and the theme and I will make a list.

I feel like sharing something I noticed tonight about what makes CCS so special. As the students were entering the school Mrs. Fowler told nearly every student she saw that they looked nice and hugged just about every one. I can't think of too many schools where the superintendent has that kind of special bond with the student body. The same can be said for most of the staff and faculty at CCS.

Um...these are a little different. I think it is the temperature in here. Mrs. Gardiner is trying to convince the students to put their phones away and just dance and talk to each other. I think she is losing the battle.

Ok - look closely - can you see all the phones? This is what Mrs. Gardiner was talking about. However, they are still having fun tonight. I am headed to the gym for an experiment. I will let you know how it goes. I tried a short Facebook stream from the gym. It did not post yet but I noticed a few views while it was streaming. I think I will try to stream the coronation but I am not promising anything. It will be an experiment.

I think this will be the last batch of pictures until after the coronation. Soon we will be turning on the gym lights for the annual class picture and getting ready for the coronation at 11:30. Doors will open to the public at 11:00 PM.

This group of pictures features quite a few images of the 8th grade students who have been taking pictures all night. They are quite shy - obviously.

So this is happening - the kids are all exhausted and ready to go home. Quite a few have left already and more are headed out the door right now.

2017 Prom King - Carson Kemp

2017 Prom Queen - Emily Ashlaw

Congratulation to them, the entire prom court and all the juniors. Thanks to my roving photographers as well.

I hope everyone has a fun and safe evening.