CCS Prom 2018

Enchanted Garden - Coronation will be at 11:30 PM sharp.

Doors will open to the community at 11:00 PM. A $1.00 donation at the door is appreciated.

King Evan Carley and Queen Shyan Peterson. Pictures will be up soon.

Note to future prom organizers - do not let the DJ use any smoke or fog. It killed the pictures. I tried to clean them up quickly. I will work on them later and re-post some of them again. Thanks to those who followed "live". Thanks to all the chaperones and everyone who lent a helping hand to make this night so special. We hope everyone has a fun and safe rest of the night.

You might not want your speakers turned up too loud for this short clip. I had to show you how these guys groove. Amazing

Here is another batch of some great pictures from those dancing juniors. The gym is HOT.

Right now they are devouring the cake provided by Mrs. Gibson. I am trying to hold off digging into it myself. It looks amazing and the students all say it tastes as good as it looks.

So - I figured out why the pictures are looking a little washed out and "foggy". The DJ is using a smoke machine the gym is full of light smoke and that is reflecting off the flash in some of the pictures. Sorry about that. But here are some more.

Here is the first batch from roving photographers in the 8th grade. I have two cameras going so I should have more soon.

I was not going to do this tonight but I understand that there are a few of you out there getting ready with some popcorn and a beverage or something. If I can coerce the 8th graders into taking some pictures I will have some to share. For now here are some opening shots of the beautiful gym. People are arriving and I know you will love to see all the dresses (and some of the guys look pretty good as well.)

Quick update - I was able to convince the 8th grade helpers to take some pictures tonight. Thanks in advance to Kylee Peterson, Hunter Martin, Ariel Leonard and Sarah Poirier.