"What is the best part of you?"

This is the question award-winning photographer Wendy Ewald asked student writers at the beginning of her powerful collaborative poetry project, The Best Part of Me. It’s also the question we invite you and your children to consider as we begin a yearlong community exploration into the themes of self-confidence, empathy, and global awareness inspired by Ewald’s work.

Every day, Chase students actively strive to become the best they can be, growing into confident leaders and resilient lifelong learners under the guidance of our dedicated faculty and staff. Every day, Chase faculty also celebrate each child’s individuality, thoughtfully challenging and supporting every student as they journey to reach their full potential and become the best version of their own unique selves. With its insistence that we all have something to be proud of, regardless of how old we are or how much we have accomplished, Ewald’s The Best Part of Me speaks to this defining aspect of the Chase experience and encourages us all to recognize and embrace the best in ourselves.

Moreover, because books are also windows into experiences that differ from our own, this year’s All School Read and the accompanying Summer Reading Program urge us to seek out, name, and appreciate the best in our school, local, and global communities as well. Indeed, reading widely over the summer will not only help your children to maintain their academic skills and hit the ground running in the fall but will also encourage them to make connections to the wider world and respond to others with kindness, empathy, and compassion. These are values that Chase holds dear, and they demonstrate one of the highest goals of our Summer Reading program: to help us all to better understand ourselves and others through literature.

Please see the Lower, Middle, and Upper School pages to learn more about each division’s program and find specific assignments and reading lists. As always, we aim to provide as much choice and freedom as possible, and we are excited to introduce a number of innovations to empower and encourage readers. Don’t miss the Book Badge Challenges in the Lower and Middle Schools and our brand new student-led Reader Leader Book Clubs in the Upper School! Also new this year is our on-campus Summer Reading Book Sale. More information and order forms are available below.

Happy reading!

Mrs. Emma Kornetov

Director of Library Services