Chase Collegiate

Parents' Association

Welcome to the Chase Community!

All parents and guardians of a student enrolled at Chase are members of the Parents's Association (PA). The PA supports the school through attending and volunteering at many events through the year. We are always looking for you, grandparents, or grandfriends to make a difference in the lives of our children on campus and in our community as volunteers.

This year our goal is to reach 100% parent participation in the PA - help us reach our goal!

Your contribution, whether it is your time, knowledge, or resources truly makes the Chase experience unique. Reach out to any board member or division liaison with questions and interests: (marketing, crafts, cooking, heavy lifting, or even the occasional Costco run - there is a place for everyone).

2019-2020 PA Officers

President - Kathleen Harte P'19, '20, '23

Vice-Presidents - Vicki Green, P '21

Carmela Coyanda-Parkes P'21

Treasurer - Louise Knies P '14, '16, '20

Secretary - Sarah Bird P '22, '26

Division, Arts & Athletic Liaisons

Upper School - Barb Patrick P '21

Middle School - Tracy Harper P '24

Lower School - Sherie Cocchiola P '29, '31

Arts - Lisa Seigel

Athletics - Kathleen Harte P'19, '20, '23

Barb Patrick P '21