Year 6 2019/20

Ms Sodipe

My name is Ope Sodipe and I am the class teacher for Year 6 at Charter. I have a Bachelor's Degree in Education and have been teaching for 10 years in a few countries: UK, Qatar and currently, Thailand. This will be my second year teaching in Charter and I am very excited to see all the learning which will take place this year.

Ms Paulette

My name is Paulette Bautista and I am the Teaching Assistant for Year 6 at Charter. I have a Bachelor Degree in Business and Administration. I am also a qualified teacher (IFSU) in the Philippines and have worked as a teaching assistant in Dubai, and as a teacher in Thailand. This will be my sixth year working at Charter and in Year 6.

Year 6 Residential Trip.pptx

Residential Trip Meeting Presentation

This is the presentation which was shown in the meeting held yesterday regarding our residential trip in a couple of weeks.

Below is the web page for the Wild Planet - Wild Lodge: Khao Yai. Please peruse it for more information into their safety and emergency procedure, as well as photos of the dorms your children will be staying in, and the activities they will be partaking in.

Open House Presentation

Copy of Year 6 Parent Orientation Presentation
Year 6 Timetable