So far our new science modules have been great. The students are very engaged and excited to be learning though hands on experiments. We have ended our meal worm investigation, and are moving on to learn about aquatic environments.


We have moved on to Module 3. Here I will post the parent letter, as well as some helpful sites.

Here is a wonderful link I use all year. This link not only provides the notes for each lesson, but also has a video to explain how to complete questions we are working on in class.


Here is the Parent Letter for Module 3!


In Science Project time, we are working on constructing our Egg Drop contraption. The students have been broken up into small groups, and have worked together to design a contraption that will keep an egg safe from a two story drop.

Every group's egg survived the egg drop! Below are some pictures of our successful groups.

Here is the homework assignments for this week:

  • Monday-Lesson 1
  • Tuesday- Lesson 2 (All)
  • Wednesday-Lesson 3 (All)
  • Thursday- Lesson 4 (All)
  • Friday-Lesson 5