Academic Saturday School

Wando has 14 teachers available each Saturday from the core classes that can tutor one on one or in small groups. We have a secured testing environment that allows students to make up missing assignments, quizzes, and tests. We have computers available and can help students work on their senior project, research projects, analyzing document based questions, and other similar tasks.

Students will let their teachers know that they wish to attend a session. The teacher will prepare a folder for the student with instructions for the assignments. A student will arrive at Saturday school and check in at the front; we will check to see if students have a folder. Some students just need to log into a computer to work in Google Classroom or a particular class program that we have access to via the school computers. Teachers are roaming and interacting with the students; some will sit at specific tables and students will work with them on a one to one basis. Once the work/assignments are completed, we will send the finished work back to the teacher via mail box. Please email Mr. Arnold Wagner for more information:

Each time we have Saturday School, we also have a Behavioral Saturday School that meets in the ROTC room. If you have questions about this, please contact Assistant Principal Jermaine Joyner: