March is Women's History Month!

BreakoutEDU March Games~ there are featured games focusing on reading and Women's History Month and more as well as games aligned to ELA standards. These include digital and physical breakouts. Remember, each school has its own BreakoutEDU Platform access that teachers can use.

Recommended PD Sessions:

Encourage Me! with Dr. Berry -- Visit Frontline to register

Kirwan Institute Implicit Bias Professional Development: Please be sure you have engaged with the Implicit Bias modules prior to the session.

Teaching MS ELA in 2020 (Self-paced Canvas PD Course)

English 1 Teachers (Canvas course and instructional support information)

How-To-Use the Pacing Guides

Updated New ELA Middle Overview

Elements of Balanced Literacy

Updated Effective Elements of Literacy MS 19-20

Reader's Workshop

Updated Reading Workshop

Writer's Workshop

Updated Writer’s Workshop Model for Middle School English: Basics