Kim Weldin's Classroom

Hello! I am Kim Weldin, and I am a high school English teacher at Military Magnet Academy. I currently teach 11th and 12th grade English. I have a Bachelor's degree in English from College of Charleston, and a Master's degree in Human Resources from Trident University International. I am also a member of the Charleston County School District Digital Learning Cohort, and a Google Certified Educator.

Honors English 3 & English 3 - Breakout EDU on February 12, 2017 as Introduction to New Unit

English 3 students enjoyed participating in a Breakout EDU game as an introduction to our new unit "Building a Democracy". The students worked in 2 teams to be the first to break into a box that represented their "intellectual freedom". Students were all engaged and enjoyed this hands-on, "thinking outside of the box" activity.

English 3 CP - Modern Day Scarlet Letters, January 2017

My CP English 3 classes are reading The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne. When I found this image illustrated by Gemma Correll, I knew I had to adapt it as an activity for a short class day. Students were to use the illustration as a mentor image and create their own "modern scarlet letter" based on something they might get picked on by their peers. Some of the students got really creative with this activity!

Honors English 4 & English 4 - Found Poetry Examples, December 2017

Using the speech "The Danger of Silence" to create Found Poems - with Christine McClean, December 2017

Carolina Youth Action Project, Presentation on "Resisting Borders", English 4, December 2017

Hamlet, Honors English 4 & English 4, December 2017

Crime Scene Activity - October 27, 2017

Since Halloween is right around the corner, I decided to do a crime scene activity for my senior English classes. The activity was recently done by another English teacher in our school and she said her students loved it. I was worried that my senior students may be too old for the activity. However, I was wrong to be worried. The students loved entering the classroom on a Friday afternoon and being assigned with the task of collecting evidence from a crime scene. Our school resource officer came to the class to educate the students on how to properly observe and record the evidence into a crime report. After the students had written all of the evidence down individually, I had them enter the details onto a mock crime report in our Google Classroom. Next week, the reports will be used so they can use the details in their own short stories based on what they think happened. Overall, I would say there was 100% engagement in the classroom for this activity!

Battle of the Genders - Class debates on October 3, 2017

The theme of Unit 2 in English 4 is "gender roles". For this unit, my students participated in a debate speaking activity. The students really enjoyed debating with each other on whether or not females should hold roles of power.