Mrs. Lamberson's Science Class

Welcome to 8th grade!

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Science Assignments and Announcements

***Geologic Time Scale Quiz 12/4/18

Monday 12/3/18

  • Gimmicks to remember GTS
  • Begin Lab 89-Here Today, Gone Tomorrow?

HW: Study for quiz tomorrow!

Tuesday 12/4/18

  • Geologic Time Scale Quiz
  • Lab 89-Here Today, Gone Tomorrow?
    • Answer Analysis Questions 1-3 in ISN. *Restate the question in your answer*

HW: Complete Analysis Question 4 on a separate piece of paper. *10 sentence minimum*

-Question: Should people try to save wild populations of the Asian elephant? Support your answer with evidence and discuss the trade offs of your decision. Hint:To write a complete answer, first state your opinion. Provide two or more pieces of evidence that support your opinion. Then discuss the trade-offs of your decision.

Wednesday 12/5/18

  • Catastrophic Events- What Killed the Dinosaurs?

HW: What killed the dinosaurs? Write 1 paragraph and support your opinion with evidence.

Thursday 12/6/18

  • Catastrophic Events/Extinction Notes

HW: Based on what we have learned so far, what factors contribute to mass extinctions? Draw a concept web.

Friday 12/7/18

  • Lab 94- A Meeting of Minds

HW: Have a great weekend :)