JME Summer Resources

Happy Summer JME!

I am so glad that you have stopped by our webpage. Click through the slideshow below for some fun summer learning links. You can complete the gameboard below and turn in for a prize when you return for the 2022-2023 school year. Happy Learning!

Click Here to request materials for your games:

(Spinner, Dice, game markers)

Summer Links
Math Links Only

Math Links

Reading Links Only

Reading Links

Science Links Only

Science Links

Just for fun/be creative! links only

Just for Fun- Be Creative!

Activities to get you moving

Get Moving this Summer! Want to participate in a fun challenge? Run a marathon on your terms. Complete this challenge below.

Summer Math Board

Summer Game Board

Print or request your own copy to turn in for a prize when we return from school!

Kindergarten Bridges Games.pdf

Kindergarten Games

First Grade Bridges Game.pdf

First Grade Games

Second Grade.pdf

Second Grade Games

Third Grade.pdf

Third Grade Games

Fourth Grade.pdf

Fourth Grade Games

Fifth Grade.pdf

Fifth Grade Games

Deck of 10.pdf

Deck of 10 Cards