All Day Checkout/Carry Model

In this model, students pick up their assigned device at the start of the day from a locked charging cart. Students carry this same device with them all day and use this it for learning in each class. Students return their devices to the charging cart at the end of the day.

Potential Benefits

Potential Challenges

  • Students use 'their own' device during the school day
  • Students 'get to know' their device
  • Teachers save instructional time by not handing out devices/logging into them
  • Students can bring devices to all classes
  • Configuring a schedule that allows students to start in a classroom and end there, too
  • Accommodating tardy students
  • Ensuring that students know how to safely transport device

What might you need to make it work?

  • Procedure for how to get device and return it
  • Teachers to support students with taking & returning device each day
  • Capability for students (some with support) to ensure that their device is plugged in overnight for charging
  • Time built into morning and afternoon schedule for student devices to be checked in and out

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