LegCo Work


Council Meetings: 92%

House Committee: 100%

Finance Committee: 80%

Public Works Subcommittee: 96%

Establishment Subcommittee: 94%

Member's motion:

Amendment to Member's motion

  • Prerequisites for the next Secretary for Education
  • Expeditiously conducting a comprehensive review of the Government's service outsourcing system
  • Ensuring the fair conduct of the Chief Executive Election
  • Formulating a bicycle-friendly policy and designating bicycles as a mode of transport 94%

Average Attendance of 11 Panels: 96%

Information Technology and Broadcasting (As vice-chairman) - 92%

Commerce and Industry - 100%

Constitutional Affairs - 100%

Education - 100%

Financial Affairs - 100%

Public Service - 100%

Security - 100%

Transport - 93%

Health Services - 90%

Economic Development - 83%

Environmental Affairs - 75%

Average Attendance of 7 Bills Committee: 81%

Attended all meetings of The Legislative Council Commission

Duty Visits: 5 local and 1 overseas - to Isarel

LegCo Questions

Submissions and proposals to the Government

Seminars and Meetings Hosted


Arranged meetings with the Government for ICT sector

  • Dec 2017 - Arranged the ICT sector to meet with the Labour and Welfare Bureau to voice out their demands and suggestions on how the Continuing Education Fund can be improved to cater for more ICT upskilling, including via Massive Open Online Courses
  • Dec 2017 - To facilitate the exchange of views between the gaming industry and the government, I have arranged a meeting for both sides in early December
  • Sept 2017 - Invited Financial Services and the Treasury Bureau to meet with Fintech stakeholders
  • Sept 2017 - Invited Mr Frank Chan, Secretary of Housing and Transport meet with the Smart Transport community
  • Aug 2017 - Arranged a meeting with ITB, OGCIO and ITC for the ICT sector to exchange views on Smart City Development, Research & Development, Digital transformation of the Government and nurturing IT talents
  • Aug 2017 - Arranged a meeting with the Constitutional and Mainland Affairs Bureau on reviewing the voter registration system for the IT sector
  • Aug 2017 - Organise a briefing on HKEx’s proposed New Boards for ICT professionals, startup community and interested parties
  • Aug 2017 - Invited the team behind government open data portal data.gov.hk at OGCIO to give a briefing of the website’s latest features and their future development
  • Dec 2016 - Organise a meeting with Energizing Kowloon East Office of the Development Bureau for the ICT sector to share views and discuss future prospect on the Smart City pilot study, and better inform both parties and leverage on overseas experiences in adopting ICT to raise Hong Kong’s readiness to become a ‘Smart City'