Letter from Charles

The past year has seen rapid changes. We have progressed in the development of innovation and technology. Some of the proposals that the ICT sector and I have together advocating for many years were adopted by the government, including more resources to support the growth of local start-ups, reviewing outdated laws, nurturing tech talents and fostering the development of Smart City in town.

From my works to foster the growth of innovation and technology, including issuing policy policy proposals, consulting the sector for policy suggestions and channeling the thoughts to the public, I have come to realise the potential of Hong Kong in charting the way forward and creating more opportunities to our sector.

I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to all my friends in the sector for their support and working together for the growth of innovation and technology, creating opportunities, defending for justice and pushing for democracy. I will carry on and remain dedicated in serving the sector and Hong Kong.