Boosting the growth of the IT sector

  • Submitted two policy proposals for the growth of the IT sector
  • Revamp government procurement and tendering policy for IT products and services, extra tax concessions for R&D
  • Digital transformation of the government
  • Promotes Sharing Economy
  • Requested more details for The Lok Ma Chau Loop Innovation and Technology Park
  • Attract foreign companies to establish R&D centres in Hong Kong
  • Organise a briefing on HKEx's proposed New Boards for ICT professionals, startup community and interested parties

Creating better prospects for IT professionals

  • Amendment to motion passed: Improve work conditions of government outsourced IT staffs
  • Consulted T-contract staffs and published survey reports
  • Urged the government to expand voter eligibility in the IT functional constituency for better representation and a fair election
  • Council question: regarding the manpower situation of the ICT industry
  • Establish IT professional qualification to lift the respect and recognition of the industry to attract more talents
  • Proposed to formulate a long term strategy to nurture tech talents and build career paths for IT professional

Review outdated laws for innovation

  • #updateHK : Move a motion on “Reforming outdated legislation and promoting the development of innovation and technology”. It was passed in LegCo.
  • Initiated an online petition to urge the government to reform outdated legislation and promote the development of innovation and technology, we have sent 1,295 signatures collected to the CE.
  • Advocate for regulation on ride-hailing app to induce competition and provide more transportation options for citizens
  • Advocate for regulation on e-scooters and e-bikes to ensure safety

Fight for Right to Information

  • Advocate for Enacting Archival Law and Freedom of Information Law; oral question on the timetable for enacting FOI law
  • Introduce the Draft Public Records Bill that will be tabled as Members’ Bill in Legco with Hon Tanya Chan, Hon Dennis Kwok and the Archives Action Group
  • Fight for right in newsgathering of online media, urge the government to life the ban to protect press freedom
  • Monitored the Government's requests for information disclosure and removal made to ISPs

Fostering Smart City development and Digital Transformation

  • Promotes Open Data culture: open government API, improve quality of data sets, more geospatial data and real time traffic data
  • Call for a Digital Transformation of the government, raised council questions to the government on blockchain application on government services and fintech development
  • Amendment to motion passed: enhance traffic conditions through the effective use of data and smart city planning
  • Submission to Smart City @ Kowloon East Public Engagement
  • Pushed for a clear 5G spectrum supply roadmap; OFCA starts consultation in 2017
  • Urged the government to improve Internet connection in rural areas

Nurturing IT talents

  • Arranged meeting with the Secretary for Labour and welfare and proposed to reform Continue Education Fund
  • Pushed for strengthening STEM education and training for teachers
  • Called for more resources to be allocated to school IT technicians from the $5 billion funding for education
  • Advocated for subsidies to study short technical courses in key growth areas to train fresh and mid-career ICT professionals to help them acquire the skill sets that would unlock new opportunities

Protecting personal privacy and fighting for internet freedom of speech

  • Launched an online petition campaign against mass surveillance in taxis and gather 500 signatures and met with Privacy commissioner on this matter
  • Urged the government to strengthen our cyber security readiness and the public to take precautions against ransomware and other cyberattacks
  • Followed up on the REO missing laptop case, moved a motion to strongly condemn the REO for its negligence and urge to ascertain the responsibility of those involved, and launched an online campaign to file complaints to the privacy commissioner’s office, more than 1,800 complaints were submitted
  • Urged for tougher laws on cold calls and launched an online submission generator, more than 2,000 submissions were sent to the government