Hey hey! I'm Chantel, the powerhouse Founder and Executive Director of A Princess's Closet. Yep, that's the place where we wave our wand and grant teen girls in underserved communities the magic of free formal attire and so much more. Because who says princess's can't come from every corner of Charlotte?

You might've spotted me on your local news feed or scrolling through your favorite digital hangouts. I'm the one sparking conversations about healing, women's empowerment, and community love. Call me the fairy godmother of positivity and progress!

When I'm not waving my wand at A Princess's Closet, you can catch me co-hosting a podcast, dishing out wisdom, laughter, and insight into my faith journey alongside my good girlfriend. Because let's face it, life's too short not to have a good giggle while changing the world.

Oh, did I mention I'm also rocking the proud mama and best-selling author roles? Yup, just call me a multitasking magician!

Born and raised right here in the heart of Charlotte, NC, I'm all about spreading sunshine and sprinkling glitter wherever I go. So if you need a dose of inspiration or just someone to share a laugh with, you know where to find me – podcasting studio, bookshelf, or spreading joy in the Queen City!

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