Marcus over other Trainers and Providers?

Marcus is an experienced Children's Workforce Professional who can deliver CPD and Consultancy services (and more) at much more of a convenience than other providers!

Benefits include:

Marcus is a Local Professional! He knows what goes on Locally, Local Areas, Local Legislation and Guidance

CPD Sessions can be delivered at convenience to your workforce, without having to disrupt any delivery! e.g. Twilight Sessions (after school), Weekend Sessions, Evening Sessions

Low Cost, High Quality Services!

Services delivered at the organisations location! No need to transport anywhere for CPD or Consultancy! It can be done at the comfort of your workplace!

Current Professional! Marcus currently works within the Children's Workforce, at a Specialist Secondary Education Centre, Disabled Children's Play Scheme, Youth Worm Environments and more! Marcus is up to date with all the new practices, guidance, legislation and most importantly the Children we are currently engaging with!

Marcus does not deliver an "exhaustive" list of services! It is constantly expanding and if you have an idea that you would like Marcus to support, get in contact now!