if your compassion does not include yourself,
it is incomplete.
jack kornfield

change.yoga creates space through peer mentoring, yoga, & meditation for you to develop & follow your path to wellness, stability, & authenticity. as a peer mentor, i work to empower you to create & stay engaged in your recovery journey. the overall goals of my trauma-informed & somatic-based approach are to cultivate empowerment & community. the foundation of our work together is helping you connect to your body. as you learn to connect & trust your body, you can gain more confidence in yourself & begin to understand that you’re the only expert of your body & experiences.

i’m a fat, white, autistic, atheist, agender, queer, disabled spoonie & singleton with adhd who strives to create safe spaces for joyful movement & practical stillness for all humans. i founded change.yoga, am anti-diet, & pro-self-empowerment. i live, practice, & teach with several chronic physical & mental illnesses including autoimmune & endocrine diseases, depression, anxiety, & suicidal thoughts.

as part of my own recovery journey, i use my lived experience as much as possible to aid others in their journey. in addition to doing this through yoga & meditation, i’m a certified peer recovery supporter.

before becoming a yoga teacher, i had practiced yoga for over 15 years off & on. after being diagnosed with several chronic illnesses, i found my way back to a consistent practice including meditation & breathwork. my teaching philosophy is that i am here to help my students build their own practice in order to empower themselves to gain all the benefits yoga has to offer. when i’m not practicing or teaching yoga, i’m a wannabe artist, chef, & servant to my feline master lovingly known as #AssholeCat.