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Spring is in the Air

The Champlain Wave is starting to wind down it's programming and preparing to have summer programming running. In addition we are happy to introduce a brand new Champlain Wave Special! The Special is called "Senior Spotlight" where you can tune in and connect with some of Champlain's many wonderful seniors who are graduating! The Champlain Wave is proud to shed a spotlight on them and provide an opportunity to showcase their awesomeness, and connect with underclassmen. The Champlain Wave and the whole Champlain Campus wants to thank the seniors who have done phenomenal work on the campus and for the community. We will miss you! Good Luck and enjoy your careers!!


Sincerely, everyone at the Champlain Wave

January 29th, 2018

Hey all, and welcome back to Champlain for our 2018 spring semester! We at the Wave hope your winter break went well, and we’re excited to kick off our second semester on air. This semester we still have all the same shows from last semester, and will be holding auditions for more shows! In case you missed it last semester we’ve already got four shows airing once a week: Movies &, CC in 15, Midnight Phantom, and Press Start. If you’re curious about the details of any show you can find more information at ‘’. If the mention of auditions piqued your interest they’ll be taking place on Tuesday, the 30th, in the CCM Sound Stage (CCM 014), from 6pm to 8pm. You can also find a show proposal form on our website. We’re rapidly approaching February, which is nationally recognized as Black History Month. Be sure to check back here for our next post to read about some revolutionary African American figures in the U.S. radio community. With February also comes Valentine’s Day! This is your official reminder to start thinking about this, should it apply to you. Maybe start planning that grand gesture you’ve always wanted to make, or a thoughtful evening at home, or if you’re single take the day to lavish in the greatness that is you, treat yourself! That’s all for now, but stay tuned for more blog posts (every other week or so) from all our shows, as well as The Wave. Until next time!