Champlain Wave Blogs

The Champlain Wave will be down for the winter break. We plan to be up and running when the spring semester begins in late January. So please bear with us. You can still enjoy listening to our student produced programs on our show blogs. Thanks so much and we look forward to renewing our programming in the spring. Stay safe everyone!!!

New Name, New Host

News from the Dam is now The Champlain Report with Luke Marcheski. Every Thursday at 5 pm, Luke presents the news from a student perspective. News stories from students in writing courses are also featured in the 15 minute program. We love for you to join every week on Thursday at 5 pm.

Film &- New Name and Hosts for Movies &

We are pleased to announce the new hosts for our student produced radio show that's all about films. As the new name suggests, Film & highlights new and old films and provides a unique perspective into movie making. Our new hosts, Connor Randolph and Dan Wagner, are so excited to share their perspective on films and all that goes along with it. Tune in to Film & on Fridays at 7 pm.