You will find below the speaker's presentations and research articles in relation to the conference.

Introduction by Christian de Perthuis (slides)

Session 1: Assessing the 2018 EU ETS reform towards the 2021 review

Peter Kruse-Andersen, "Endogenizing the cap in cap-and-trade system" (slides, paper)

Simon Quemin, "Intertemporal emissions trading and market design: An application to the EU-ETS" (slides, paper)

Jim Bushnell, "Expecting the unexpected: Emissions uncertainty and environmental market design" (slides, paper 1, paper 2, paper 3)

Session 2: Implications of unilateral actions under the EU-ETS

Grischa Perino, "Understanding overlapping policies: Internal carbon leakage and punctured waterbed" (slides, paper)

Carolyn Fischer, "Emissions reserve price options for EU member states" (slides)

Ottmar Edenhofer, "Unilateral action under an emissions cap" (slides)

Pathfinding Roundtable: Which way forward for progressive Member States?

Frank Convery, General introduction (slides)

Michael Pahle, "Pathfinding: setting the scene" (slides)