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Vice Principal Inglis Inspired by New Role

By Katrina BonusMarch 7, 2019

Mrs. Jody Inglis arrived for her first day as Vice Principal of Cedar Grove High School in December and immediately immersed herself in the Cedar Grove community. In September, former Vice Principal Gallagher returned to the classroom as a history teacher, which ignited the search for Cedar Grove High School’s newest VP. Shortly before Winter Break, CGHS opened its doors to Mrs. Inglis. Curiosity and questions arose when students heard the news of a new VP. Who is Mrs. Jody Inglis?

Becoming a vice principal was not something that Mrs.Inglis had planned when she first decided to study education. As a college student at Montclair State University, Mrs.Inglis received a bachelor's degree in Physical Education/Health and eventually became a Physical Education and Health teacher. Later in her career, she obtained a masters in Educational Leadership.

When asked about her decision to earn a masters degree in this field, Mrs. Inglis explained, “I wanted to make more of a change specifically with students struggling with conduct, stress management, and anxiety, which are all related to Health Education.” Mrs. Inglis is passionate about creating a change by branching out of the classroom and into a role where she can help as many students as possible.

Being a mother of three who is constantly involved in her children's’ lives “allows [her] to see a totally different side of education and helps [her] be a little more empathetic and understanding towards student’s individual needs.”

Although she wasn’t raised in town, her parents currently reside in Cedar Grove, so she was somewhat familiar with the area. She noticed that some people born in Cedar Grove choose to remain in town and raise their children here as well, showing that their experience and relationship with the town was very positive. “You don’t come back to raise your kids [in the same town] if you hated where you grew up,” Mrs. Inglis said. "It was immediately a positive indicator of what type of position I was coming into.”

Mrs.Inglis interviewed with some of Cedar Grove High School’s teachers and Principal Mangili. Although the process was intimidating, Mrs.Inglis enjoyed talking to her potential coworkers. It wasn’t long before Mr. Fetherman called and asked her to come back for a second interview.

Days later, Mrs. Inglis was offered and accepted the role as the new vice principal of CGHS. Vice Principal Inglis was warmly welcomed by the faculty and students, and she was impressed by the culture of the school. “This school is like a breath of fresh air. The teachers are teaching bell to bell, really engaging their students,” Mrs. Inglis added. “To be honest it not only surprised me, but also excites me to be in a place that I think is just incredible.”

Through Mrs. Inglis’ tenure as vice principal at CGHS, she wishes to foster positive relationships with her students and staff, and she hopes to see technological and academic advances. “I hope to be able to achieve that happy balance.”

Deck the Hall(ways)!

By Katrina BonusDecember 18, 2018

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, especially for the Junior Class, who won the inaugural Deck the Hallways Competition.

Every year, the grades of Cedar Grove High School compete against each other in events like lip sync and spirit week. This year, they began the new competition, Deck the Hallways. Each grade was assigned a hallway and, with their creative minds, were given the task to create a festive scene for all the school to enjoy.

The Freshmen based their design on '12 days of Christmas,' the Sophomores' theme was, 'Naughty or Nice,' the Juniors painted a 'Winter Wonderland,' and the Seniors brought 'Santa’s Workshop' to life.

“Our hallway is kind of a representation of our grade,” stated Jenelle Labattaglia ‘21. The themes were chosen using a class vote and the decorating started right away.

When decorating the halls, each grade utilized the school’s art supplies and gathered their money to buy more decorations at the Dollar Store and Amazing Savings. From right after school to sun down, students would spend everyday making snowflakes, covering doors with wrapping paper, and overall bringing their theme to life.

On Friday December 14, Vice Principal Inglis, Mr. DeStefano, and Ms. Amador strolled the halls to determine which hallway had the most spirit. The winner was announced at the end of the day.

Winter scenes in the junior hallway.

Affordable Housing in Cedar Grove

By Amanda SpinweberNovember 25, 2018

On November 5th, Town Council members met to discuss their attempt to modify the Mount Laurel doctrine which requires all towns in New Jersey to provide moderate to low income housing by zoning out space since 1975.

Various community members vocalized their concern about having enough space to accommodate for a new wave of people, and more specifically, if Cedar Grove schools can handle a significant enrollment increase. "The schools can handle an increase in students, but time needs to be provided to make adjustments. As one would imagine, there is a lot to take into consideration when making changes to the schools: faculty, materials, facilities, size, ect.” Mr. Fetherman, the superintendent of Cedar Grove schools stated.

He explained that the board is “examining options and collaborating with the Cedar Grove town council, town manager, and mayor” to make modifications to the schools. Mr. Fetherman explained that they are considering “the creation of a Pre-K and kindergarten learning center at the LRP school, to allow movement of our 5th graders back to NE and SE schools.”

The council is trying to take everyone’s concerns into consideration, and provide a solution. If residents or students from the school want to get involved or stay updated, attending town meetings is an ideal way according to the council. The town council urged townspeople to go to Trenton and voice their thoughts in person in order to make the largest impact.