Brave Souls

Gage Yowell

Gage came in after school to do a makeup quiz. He had a treat left over from a class earlier in the day. He asked if my son was coming in after school and said that my could have the treat when he got to my room. These was a very kind gesture, and it was thoughtful of Gage to recognize that my son is often in my room.

Kyra Smith-Blosser

She always comes to tell me when she will be gone for basketball and check on what assignments she will miss. Her responsibility and dedication is inspiring!

Koen Hula

Koen helped a student up who had tripped and fallen.

Connor Elstun

He made a good decision on what to do when he was upset.

Carly Wells

Carly worked all night at the concession stand without a break and never complained and was always pleasant to everyone.