Cultural Humanities

Cultural Humanities is designed to educate the student on the topic of self. Dealing with such subjects as ethics, cultural needs, social conflicts, humanity, religion, and goal setting, students will develop a better answer to the question: Who am I? By examining the motivation for behavior and critically thinking about the values and norms of society, students gain a clearer idea of goals for their immediate and distant future. This allows students to form more solid foundations for decision-making in the future. The course also develops student awareness in regards to political and social policies in our culture. The main purpose of this course is to expand student capital by developing a sense of self. However, in order to fully understand one’s self, a person must connect to other environments and cultures. Examining the connection between a culture and their geographic locations, climate, physical features, and resources will allow a student to gain a better understanding of the human race and the world as a whole.