AP World History

Summer reading will be required and students will be asked to submit an assignment or take a test to demonstrate successful completion of summer assignment. Students who fail to satisfactorily complete the summer assignment will be removed from the course. Students wishing to enroll in AP World History will be required to complete summer reading and must complete corresponding chapter outlines based on the summer reading to be accepted into the course in the fall. Textbooks will be issued to students for use over the summer. Students will be expected to read and familiarize themselves with chapters 1, 2 and 3 of The Earth and Its Peoples: A Global History. The material covered in these chapters will be the material that students will be required to outline for the 1st day of school. Students who are new to the district must see their teacher for individual instructions regarding completion of the required summer reading. The AP World History class is extremely fast-paced and covers college-level material. This course provides the student with a greater understanding of the evolution of global processes. Using the study of various human societies as a backdrop, this understanding is developed using both factual knowledge and critical thinking. The course content highlights the changes in international frameworks, their causes and consequences, and draws comparisons between major societies, mostly non-Western. Focusing primarily on the past thousand years, students evaluate the ideas and corresponding events that have shaped both individual nations and the world as a whole. In preparation for the AP World History test, students will develop both their writing skills and an ability to interpret historical documents. Students are encouraged to sign up and take the AP exam. The anticipated fee for the exam is approximately $91. All Advanced Placement examination fees MUST be paid IN FULL by the end of the first semester (January) in order for the student to receive a weighted grade.