AP United States History

May be substituted for American History requirement. Summer reading will be required, and students will be asked to submit an assignment to demonstrate successful completion of summer assignment. Students who fail to satisfactorily complete the summer assignment may be removed from the course. Students who are new to the district must see his/her teacher for individual instructions regarding completion of the required summer reading Summer Reading: "A Short History of the United States" by Robert V. Remini AP U.S. History is a challenging course that is meant to be the equivalent to a freshmen or sophomore college course. Students may earn college credit with the satisfactory completion of the national AP test for U.S. History. The class is a two-semester survey of American History from the age of exploration and discovery to the present. Solid reading and writing skills, along with a willingness to devote considerable time to homework and study, are necessary to succeed in this course. Emphasis will be placed on critical and evaluative thinking skills, essay writing, interpretation of original documents, and historiography. A short research paper dealing with a topic will be required. (Other research activities will be used extensively using collaborative and cooperative learning strategies.) Students are encouraged to sign up and take the AP exam in May. The anticipated fee for the exam is approximately $91. All Advanced Placement examination fees will be included in the student fees. They MUST be paid IN FULL by the end of the first semester (January) in order for the student to receive a weighted grade.