AP Macroeconomics

Summer reading will be required and students will be asked to submit an assignment or take a test to demonstrate successful completion of summer assignment. Students who fail to satisfactorily complete the summer assignment will be removed from the course. Students who are new to the district must see their teacher for individual instructions regarding completion of the required summer reading. The AP Macroeconomics course provides students with a thorough understanding of the principles of economics and how economists use those principles to examine aggregate economic behavior. Students learn how the measures of economic performance, such as gross domestic product (GDP), inflation, and unemployment are constructed and how to apply them to evaluate the macroeconomic conditions of an economy. The course recognizes the global nature of economics and provides ample opportunities to examine the impact of international trade and finance on national economies. Various economic schools of thought are introduced as students consider solutions to the economic problems we study. AP Macroeconomics will also provide students with an understanding of the impact of monetary and fiscal policies on economic growth, and will include case studies, graphical analysis of concepts and real life application of macroeconomic concepts. All students at the end of this class should be able to take introductory economics classes in college with confidence and great success. Students are encouraged to sign up and take the AP exam in May. The anticipated fee for the exam is approximately $91. All Advanced Placement examination fees will be included in the student fees. They MUST be paid IN FULL by the end of the first semester (January) in order for the student to receive a weighted grade.