Aug 10 - Sept 8

September 5-8

What If I Can't Pick Up My Student on Time One Day?

We know that unexpected events occur, and sometimes you can't get to school at 2:30 to pick up your child. We have a half an hour grace period - we will supervise students outside until 2:45, then in our SOAR room until 3:00 (just park and come in to the front office to get them).

We cannot leave them unsupervised, but our front office staff have to leave at 3:00, so if you can't arrive by 3:00pm, your child will go to Community Schools' Study Hall, and you will be charged $20. They can stay there until 4:15. After 3:00, call (520) 209-8215 to speak to Community Schools' staff and have your child sent out to meet you.

Bus Passes

Students are required to have a ID to ride the bus after school. If your student forgets their ID, they need to get a pass from the office BEFORE 8th period. (Three passes per quarter allowed.) If your student wants to ride the bus home with a friend, you must send them to school with a signed note indicating your child’s name, the name of the friend, and the number of the bus (if you know it). They need to bring it to the office to get stamped and logged in for the bus driver. Thank you for your help.

A Message from our Amazing FFO:

Keeping you in the Loop at Orange Grove

Our 2017-18 school year is off to a brilliant start!

We are so grateful to:

  • All of our volunteers, parents, families, students and staff who participated in the Pickup & Unpack days. Your help and time helped us get the new school year off to a great start!
  • Everyone who joined us at Chipotle for our first Dine Out of the season. Thanks to Chipotle’s support and your time (and appetites!) we raised more than $780 for our school.
  • Each family who has given the gift of financial support through our Panther Pride Direct Donation Campaign - our goal is 100% participation - at any level! Even a single dollar helps!

Here are 3 easy ways you can help us build a strong school community at Orange Grove - we need you!

1. Give the gift of time: Some of the specific ways we need help are:

Lunch duty: During the lunch periods, parents are needed to help supervise students so teachers and staff can take their lunch break or be available to work in other areas of campus. This is a pretty easy job and gives you the chance to interact with the students. Learn more and sign up at

Join a committee: Love arts and crafts? Showing our appreciation for teachers and staff? Philanthropy? We have a committee for you! Contact me to learn more about how you can make a difference at OGMS!

2. Give the gift of financial support: THANK YOU to each of you who have already contributed to our Panther Pride Direct Donation Campaign! Our goal is 100% participation. We value all contributions, whether it is $5 or $500, because it all goes toward supporting our students and teachers. To donate, look for the orange flyers in the office, contact Blythe Edmonson at, or donate via InTouch on the OGMS website.

3. Give the gift of your presence: Join us at our next FFO meeting on Thursday, Sept. 21, at 8:30 a.m. in the school library. The meeting will be preceded by a principal’s meeting and breakfast for 6th-grade families at 7:45; stay tuned for more details on the topic and time.

Please stay in touch!

The FFO has a website and blog ( as well as a Facebook page ( where you can learn about our fundraisers, the various opportunities to volunteer, and read the minutes from our meetings.

Thank you from your FFO for helping us make this another GREAT year at Orange Grove!

Gina Mehmert, OGMS FFO President

Panther Parent Poll!

August 28 - September 1

ZAP is coming!

ZAP, or Zeroes Aren’t Permitted, is starting again. ZAP is a before- and after-school mandatory opportunity (😊) to ensure that students complete their missing work in a timely manner – while the work and learning is still relevant to class.

Deadlines are important. In our district, we do not use grades as a consequence for deadlines, because we want grades to reflect a student’s mastery of academic standards. However, missing deadlines does have a consequence in many real-world settings, and it will have a consequence at Orange Grove: as Rick Wormeli has said, “The consequence for not doing the work is … doing the work.” All of the work our teachers assign is important – either to assess student skill or to give students the practice they need. We expect our students to complete all of it.

Beginning soon, you will receive automated alerts, based on information teachers provide in StudentVUE/ParentVUE, when your student misses an assignment. Whenever a student is missing 3 assignments, they will be assigned to ZAP. Teachers may also opt to assign students to ZAP in other cases when they determine that students need a structured and supported environment to complete work.

ZAP is held at Orange Grove, by invitation only:

  • Tuesday after school, until 4:15 (late bus leaves afterward)
  • Wednesday before school, starting at 7:00
  • Wednesday after school, until 4:15 (late bus leaves afterward)
  • Thursday after school, until 4:15 (late bus leaves afterward)

Parents / guardians are expected to arrange for transportation to or from ZAP.

If your student ever has serious trouble completing work, have them complete it badly, and then have them follow up with the teacher for extra support. Very often, a child’s fear of imperfection keeps them from beginning work that seems challenging. It is normal for all of us to make mistakes while we learn something; it means we are pushing the edge of our abilities. Our teachers will always help your students succeed – but we expect our students to tackle all tasks, even when they are frustrating or challenging.

Back-to-School Night is Coming! Thursday, August 31, 6:00pm-7:30pm

Back-to-School Night is coming! Relive the wonders of your own middle school career, and follow in your child’s footsteps on the magical night of Thursday, August 31.

Your student will bring home a schedule next week with their classes and teachers listed. It would be good to have them sit down with you, and have them teach you the best ways to cross campus in time to make it on time for all of ‘your’ classes.

You will meet all of your child's teachers, learn about their classroom expectations and practices , and be able to attend optional sessions on ParentVUE or ways to be engaged in our school and community.

While Back-to-School Night is a fantastic way to relive your own middle school memories and get a taste of your child’s middle school life, it is not a time for individual conversations about students with teachers. Please make an appointment with your child’s teachers if you want to have an individual conversation about your child's progress in their class. You don’t have to wait until the official Parent Conferences to meet – and meetings are always better if the student is present.

We look forward to seeing you next Thursday at 6 o'clock!

Because we have limited space, this event is open for adults only.

A special session for parents of six graders in our gifted program will begin at 5:30 in Mr. Bindschadler’s room: Room 206.

Orange Grove PICS of the Week: Eclipse!

Our students had a (safe) and fun time watching the eclipse. We can’t wait until 2024 for the next one!

Students demonstrated safe viewing of the phenomenon.

What’s better than seeing 59.5% of the sun eclipsed by the moon?

Curious and inventive students in Mrs. Hoenshell’s class created and implemented their own scientific study. Hypothesis: as the sun’s rays are blocked, the shadows of objects will also diminish. They set up a camera to record time-lapse photos and marked the sidewalk at consistent intervals to collect data. Stay tuned to find out their results!

The trees made eclipse poetry with light – acting like pinhole cameras with thousands of holes, they projected the crescent image of the sun on the ground.

Students practiced making “hand-made” pinhole cameras, by creating tiny apertures with interlaced fingers – focusing the light and projecting images of the eclipse on the ground.

Sept 5-8

Save the Date!

The Fall Book Fair is coming!

October 9th-11th

Online Book Fair:

October 2nd-20th

times, location and volunteer information coming soon!