Reuse of current high school

City and District Partnership for Reuse:

As seen with the joint tennis court facility, efficiency can be gained by collaboration and cost sharing. As seen by the tennis court project, less investment of funds by each collaborative partner can lead to better facilities that can last longer and have a higher utilization rate. The school district and City have a long history of ongoing collaboration and shared partnerships to benefit all citizens of Cedar Falls. In current discussion with the City, we believe strong opportunities exist regarding spaces at the current high school for additional community recreational options. This would include spaces on the north end of the current high school and the exterior track/field. The District will have Central Administration, Instructional Technology, Curriculum and Instruction, Technology Department, Business Affairs Department and the High School Alternative Program all located in a single location. The locations utilized for these programs and departments would be the English rooms and Main Office on the East side of the building and the band, vocal, orchestra rooms on the South Side of the building. A more efficient use of human capital, financial capital and professional capital will occur with these in one location as they are interdependent in many ways.

Cedar Falls School District will Consolidate Sites for Efficiency:

The District would sell two buildings and the offices, programs and departments in those buildings would be moved to the current high school as discussed above. The first building is located at 3809 Cedar Heights Drive and is called the Educational Support Center which houses the District Technology Department and the Cedar Falls High School Alternative Program.

The second property that would be sold is located at 199 Pearl Street and is called the James L. Robinson Administrative Center. This building houses the Business Affairs Department, Instructional Technology, Curriculum and Instruction and Central Administrators.

Sections Not Advantageous for Repurposing:

The three story section on the west side of the building, built in the 1950's is not fiscally or structurally prudent to invest funds. The below ground first level has water and condensation issues that cause dangerous conditions. Water mains below the ground level floor have decayed and caused issues and future repairs may require removing footers/foundations. In addition, this section of the building has had continuous challenges with electrical, HVAC and technology challenges with several areas not able to receive cell phone reception.