Tammy Martinez

Kindergarten Class

Welcome to Tammy Martinez's Kindergarten class

Bio: Teaching has always been my passion. Ever since I can remember, I would play with my dolls as their "teacher.” I lived in Brazil where I learned Portuguese and was an English tutor at the Brazilian Baptist School in Sao Paulo where my children studied. I have three children (two daughters and one son). My oldest has a degree in music and criminal justice and my younger ones work in higher education. My son is an art teacher and book illustrator. My daughter is an English tutor and a writer. When I'm not teaching, I love to read, design home interior decoration and spend time with my rabbit Jake. I have traveled overseas visiting over 23 countries. I embrace diversity and enjoy learning about different cultures. I taught Preschool for 7 years, 4th grade at HISD and now Kindergarten. My certifications include Bilingual, Spanish Ec-12th, and Gifted and Talented. I love the use of puppets in my classroom. This is my sixth year with Cy-Fair ISD and I look forward to many more!

Tammy Martinez - Rennell Elementary teacher


We can learn with puppets!

I believe that the use of puppets is an effective teaching tool when it comes to the delivering of information, children retain knowledge more effectively. Puppets stimulate imagination and increase group participation. They grab the students’ attention during storytelling and help enact a lesson promoting retelling.

Tina the writing helper

she says "Slow down, don't rush when writing!"

Bona the reading helper

She hops from book to book reading

Puddles the math helper

He loves to count fish and snow cones

Bona, my pet rabbit

Bona practicing her reading

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