Mrs. Wells

Fifth Grade Language Arts, Hamilton Elementary

Contact Information:

@Wells5th Grade (class Twitter account)

This year we have been trying alternate seating. The students get to choose where they sit every day. I draw sticks at the end of the day for their choices for the next day. This seems to be the fairest system. I have several more chairs and tables than nesessary so that I can move any friends that are having a difficult time. The students have loved the new arrangement. They have made new friends, worked harder, been creative, cleaned up the classroom at the end of the day willingly and shared their space and supplies. Great life skills and a very happy teacher!

About Me

This is my tenth year teaching in the district. I have taught 5th grade and third. I have taught math, science, and language arts.

I have been married to Matthew for 22 years and we moved to Houston from the UK 21 years ago. I have two children. Anna who is a sophomore at Cy-Creek High School, and David who is a sophomore at Texas Luthern University studying Dramatic Media.

This year I will be teaching reading, writing and social studies in a triad with Ms. Welch and Ms. Simpson.

I love people and I love teaching. I also love a good story and in my class you will hear and have opportunity to create lots of them. I love discovering the way the world works.

I love teaching and could not imagine doing anything else. I am so excited for this year... get ready... it's going to be extraordinary!

Please have a look around this site. You should find lots of helpful information, but if you have any questions please don't hesitate to e-mail me at the above address.


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