Heather Motzny

Principal at Sampson Elementary

My name is Heather Motzny. I have the privilege of serving as the principal of Sampson Elementary. This is my tenth year at Sampson. I am married to David Motzny, and we have two daughters. Mackenzie is in 10th grade and Maddie is in 12th grade. They both attend Bridgeland High School. I am originally from a small town in Kansas. I am a graduate of Kansas State University and proud to be a wildcat!

When I moved to Texas I began teaching at Adam Elementary. I then went to Ault Elementary to be an assistant principal. I traveled to Swenke Elementary to help open the school, and I became a Sampson Stallion in 2010. I am very excited to be in paradise at Sampson Beach in 2019-2020!