Mrs. Gorman

Cypress Woods High School

Algebra 2 H/K

Welcome to Algebra 2 H/K!

My name is Ann Marie Gorman. I've been part of the Cy Woods family since 2009. I graduated from the University of St. Thomas here in Houston with a degree in math. My husband and I have four children who have all been educated in CFISD. I enjoy teaching mathematics and look forward to helping you on your educational journey.

TUTORING: To assist you throughout the year, our Cypress Woods Algebra 2 H/K teachers tutor Monday through Thursday after school. You may go to any Algebra 2 H/K teacher you wish. A schedule (with classroom numbers) is posted in the hallway near my door. In addition, is a helpful online tutoring video resource.

RESOURCES: Our calendar, lessons, review sheets and keys can be accessed through the tabs at the top of this page.

This will be a challenging, yet rewarding, year. Together, as a class, we will support each other as we tackle the higher-level math concepts contained in the Algebra 2 curriculum. Fellow Wildcats, I have confidence that we will have a successful year together!

Tutoring - Mon and Wed (2:45-3:10) Conference - 2nd Period (8:30-9:15)

Cypress Woods High School

13550 Woods Spillane

Cypress, TX 77429