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Homecoming has been a tradition in high schools and colleges since the nineteenth century. It consists of a Homecoming game, parade, dance, and spirit week here at Ranchview, and it is one of the most beloved traditions. Students consistently look forward to it, but something that is not talked about enough is whether Homecoming is actually successful. This is a debatable topic since each and every student’s opinion is different on whether or not it was a success for them personally. When the student body was asked if they thought Homecoming was a success or a failure, 67% said it was a success, and 33% said it was a failure. Nothing in life is ever going to accommodate every single person, and the same idea applies to school events...Read More

Mr. Langton, the painting and floral design teacher at Ranchview High School, has been doing a plethora of projects with the small amount of art supplies he is allotted. People believe that art is fairly boring and that it isn't a subject that is prioritized, yet they have no true conception of what is necessary in order for lesson plans and activities to be fun for students... Read More

Have you ever wanted to wake up early to run before school? No? Well, the Wolves cross-country team has and does. This exact fight to wake up early before school for practice is why the girls are district champs and the boys are in second place after Faith Family. But what makes these wolves capable of running with times like Rylee Blackman’s time of 19:43 for 3 miles and Sheridan Nguyen's time of 14:24 for 2 miles? ... Read More

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