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About Private Lessons

Private lesson participation is a major factor in the success of any band program. The philosophy of the Creekview Band staff is that for our bands to be successful, we must have strong individual players. For this to happen, strong participation in private lessons is key and every Creekview student is encouraged to participate. Below are our guidelines for private lesson participation.

The private lesson program is offered to all CFBISD music students grades 6-12. This program is the most important facet in improving the quality of individual student musicianship and thus, the level of ensemble performance. Parents are highly encouraged to consider private lessons for their student in order to facilitate the most improvement and enhance the participation of their student in the band program. Here are some specifics on private lessons:

  • Private lessons are offered to all band students grades 6-12 on a voluntary basis.
  • Lessons are taught during the school day, as well as after school once per week for 30 minutes.
  • No student will ever be dismissed from an academic subject for a lesson.
  • The private lesson teachers will be qualified people screened by the directors.
  • Lessons will be scheduled to accommodate both the student’s and teacher’s schedule.

Purposes of the private lesson program:

  • To continue to improve the quality of music education in the CFBISD.
  • To provide for individual differences of music students.
  • To boost the achievement level of all music students.
  • To aid the student in attaining the musical goals forth in the Texas Education Agency’s Essential Knowledge and Skills.
  • To provide private lessons in the school building allowing students to take advantage of the convenience and expense factors lost by traveling elsewhere for instruction.
  • To provide the school with control over the quality and cost of private instruction.
  • To provide the student with one-on-one guidance by a specialist on the student’s instrument.


The cost of the lessons will be $20.00 per 30 minute lesson once per week. Advance payment will be made once a month directly to the private teacher with checks made payable directly to the private instructor. It is the responsibility of the teacher to keep accurate records of the transactions and furnish proper receipts to the student. Teachers must be notified 24 hours in advance if a student will be unable to attend their lesson or the student will be liable for the cost of the lesson.



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