09/24/2018 Weekly Email

09/24 - 09/28

Dear Creekview Band Friends and Family,

Great week and a fun Spirit night at Chickfila! Your Mustang Band is keeping a great pace and will be working on learning the production CLOSER this week as well as refining the guard work. We are ready and excited for the upcoming events! This week we will have rehearsals to prepare for a Friday HOME game (standridge) and our 1st Marching contest of the season at USBANDS Burleson. Read through the schedule as we’ll have a couple of plan A, plan B situations based on the weather conditions.

2019 SPRING TRIP – TURN IN CONTRACT: Corpus Christi on May 2 – May 5th This is going to be a VERY memorable trip for our Seniors and band members as this Marks our first complete 4 years together and we’re going to have a BLAST. This trip is open to parent volunteers/chaperones and ALL chs Band members! We are have a goal of 100 participants due to space on buses – send in your trip contracts ASAP to reserve your spot on this amazing trip! Look for a special trip information email to come out soon with more details about the trip!

STADIUM REHEARSAL: Pending on the weather, we have a tentative reservation for Standridge Stadium on Wednesday from5-9pm Depending on the rain and field conditions, we may option to have shorter Monday and Tuesday rehearsals and have a full rehearsal on Wednesday at Standridge Stadium. Further, should we have delays or unable to rehearse on Wednesday then we will use Thursday 4-7 as another option as we prepare for Home game #2 and our 1st contest of the season. Help us with flexibility as the work around the weather patterns and we plan to schedule our 8hrs of practice this week.

PONCHOS: by now you should have dried your ponchos. Fold it as neatly and compact as you can and place it in your duffel bag should we need to use it later this season. *if you don’t have a clear poncho, this is the time to secure one that will match with the band. Please do not allow yourself to be the exception. The expectation is for everyone to have a CLEAR poncho for rainy performances.

ALL CHS BAND EVENTS that need Parent Help: https://www.charmsoffice.com/charms/newcal.asp

BAND FEE PAYMENT #2 (past due) - SEND IN CASH/CHECK made out to CHSBBC – this will help us stay on the front side of our expenses.

USBANDS Marching Contest: SATURDAY, SEP 29th 2018

Burleson High School (Stadium)

100 Elk Drive, Burleson, Texas 76028

*ALL DAY PASS Tickets for the event are $21.00 and I have 50 Tickets in my office. Send in cash or check made out to CHSBBC by Thursday if you will be attending and would like a ticket!

*Parking for the event is free – Park on the home side!

If you don’t pre-order through us, you can purchase tickets in the Stadium Box Office upon arrival.

Children 6 and under are admitted in for free. There is no fee for parking.

SCHEDULE ONLINE: http://trigonroad.com/yea/eventDetail.cfm?searchState=&eventID=1869

12:00pm Performance Block @ USBANDS

3:30pm – Awards/Finalists Announced

9:45pm - Finals Awards

Come out and support your Mustang Band on their season opener Contest!

*IF we advance to Finals we will stay / eat dinner and perform – will depart at 10:00pm for CHS *Finals are from 6:30pm – 9:30pm – we would feed the kids dinner.

*IF we do not advance, we will load the buses and return to CHS around 4:30pm

TAMALE LUNCHEON: Its time to take orders for the delicious and famous tamale luncheon on Saturday, October 13th. This event is a BLOWOUT!! All parents, alumni, friends and family attend to see and cheer the Creekview Band! In order to feed the masses, we need a headcount and collect your payment upfront. Plan ahead now to join us as EVERYONE will be enjoying this amazing meal deal and see the BAND PERFORM!!

5$ MEAL per person (2 tamales, rice, beans and drink)

Plan on purchasing a meal for mom, dad, siblings and your band students (meals not included) Attached is the order form – print it and send in your preorder money to help us have an accurate count for meals! This is a perfect time to invite the family members who may not otherwise be able to see the band perform live! Bring everyone out! Support the band and send in your RSVP for tamale luncheon $5 per plate(person) we will watch the band and then all meet on the north entry gate and have our tamale luncheon! Mr. Denis will be helping serve the food!! We need to know ASAP your order so we can have enough food for everyone! RSVP $ DUE BY FRIDAY SEP. 28th

PARENT PERFORMANCE/TAMALE LUNCHEON – Saturday, October 13th , 2018

Standridge Stadium, CFB

11:00am – performance

11:50am – Luncheon $5 Plates


Sept 20th – Stadium rehearsal 5-8

Sep 28th – Game vs. Grapevine (HOME)

Sep 29th – USBANDS Burleson Marching Contest (FIRST OF THE SEASON)

Oct 6th – Tournament of Champions Marching Contest (Standridge)

Oct 13th – Parent Performance/Tamale Luncheon (Standridge)

Oct 16th – UIL Marching Contest (Birdville ISD)


Monday, September 24, 2018 – (Rehearsal) ANY Shirt

4:00pm – Marching Band Rehearsal (CHS)

7:00pm – Band Dismissed *potential early release

Tuesday, September 25, 2018 – (Rehearsal) ANY Shirt

7:00am – 8:15am Musical PIT Rehearsal

4:00pm – Marching Band Rehearsal (CHS)

6:30pm – Band Dismissed *potential early release

Wednesday, September 26, 2018 – (Stadium Rehearsal Reservation) WHITE SHIRT

*Send in money for Pregame Meal by today.

8:15am – Wind Symphony meets on band field for CHEVALS run through.

*Advisory Schedule Day

5:00pm – Marching Band Rehearsal (STANDRIDGE STADIUM)

9:00pm – Band Dismissed

Thursday, September 27, 2018 – (Rehearsal Block Reserved)

*Send in money for USBANDS All Day pass by today.

4:00pm – Marching Band Rehearsal (CHS Band Field)

6:30pm – Band Dismissed *potential early release/cancel

Friday, September 28, 2018 – GAME HOME vs. Grapevine

*Send in money for TAMALE LUNCHEON RSVP by TODAY

*Full Marching Band Uniform, MTX, compression gear, gloves

*Will need to be hung at home and returned Saturday morning for contest.

3:45pm – 4:30pm – Marching Rehearsal (Band Field) Visual only

4:30pm – 5:30pm – Dinner / Dress in Full

5:30pm – Inspection in Full @ CHS band hall

5:45pm – Depart for Standridge Stadium (transportation on your own)

6:10pm – Arrive at Stadium (North Entry Gate)

6:30pm – March into stadium (Set up in stands - EVERYONE)

7:00pm – Game Begins

8:00pm - Half Time (approximate)

10:00pm – Game Ends

10:00pm – PRIDE Dismiss / Depart for CHS

*Semi/Band Truck Returns to CHS for unload. (Loading Crew/BLT/Percussion)

**POST GAME – we ask that students go home and get rest at a decent hour since we have such an early morning and important contest tomorrow. Dismissal will take place at Standridge. We will ask all students to take their uniforms with them, hang them and bring them back on Saturday morning. (Hat Box, Gloves, Gauntlets, Jacket, Pants, Mtx shoes, compression gear)

Saturday, September 29th, 2018

USBANDS BURLESON Showcase Competition

100 Elk Drive, Burleson, Texas 76028 – Tickets $21.00

*STUDENT ATTIRE: all students should bring their show shirt and shorts to wear during the portion of the contest day that we are relaxed.

5:45am - Student Call time at CHS

5:55am - Pre-Contest Stadium Rehearsal (CHS Band Field)

7:00am - Pre-Contest Rehearsal Ends (snack: crackers and bananas – water)

7:00am – Load instruments/ eat snacks / Dress in uniforms / Contest Hair (buns)

7:35am - Full Band Meeting

7:40am - Inspection (Band Hall)

8:00am – Depart for Contest

9:00am – Arrive at Show site

10:00am – Warm-up Begins (Area ___)

10:40am – Warm-up Ends/Walk to gate

11:45am – Report to Gate

12:00pm – Prelims Performance

12:30am – Meet/Return to truck/Change

1:00pm – Lunch in the lot (Provided by the CHSBBC)

2:00pm – Return to the stands to watch remaining bands

3:30pm – Prelim Awards/ Finalists announced

4:00pm – Ensemble Meeting/prepare for finals (if advancing)

TBD – Dinner in the lot (Provided by CHSBBC)

6:30pm Finals Begin

9:30pm Finals End

9:45pm Final Awards Ceremony

10:00pm Load and Depart for CHS

11:30pm Arrive at CHS – have ride waiting


Prelims/Finals Format: For Prelims, bands will be divided by group size (6 total) – We are Class III. The 6 group winners in the Prelims portion of the day, along with the next 6 highest scoring bands (regardless of group), will participate in the Finals Competition (There are 23 total bands at this event). During Finals, all bands will be considered in the SAME GROUP and CLASS in an “all-swim” event. The performance order will be a split random draw, conducted at the end of prelims award ceremony.

Finals participants will receive a finalist plaque and the finals champion will receive a trophy, caption trophies will be awarded to the highest in each caption for prelims and finals: Best Music, Best Visual, Best Effect, Best Guard and Best Percussion.