Band Booster Club

There are many people that help to make our organization successful. Our biggest support group is the Creekview High School Band Booster Club (CHSBBC). This group is made up of parents, friends, and relatives of current band students. We strongly encourage parents to become part of this organization and get involved with your students total band experience.

The Booster Club helps the band in a variety of ways throughout the year. Here are just some examples:

  • This group provides a tremendous amount of information to families and can help you better understand what it takes to have a well-rounded, successful band program.
  • The Boosters sponsor several fundraising events throughout the year (Fan Pledge, 5K Running of the Band, Tamale Sales).
  • The Boosters create comrodary and support among other band parents. For example, during football games, most of the band parents and families sit together, have a good time, and get to know each other better.
  • They help organize volunteers to chaperone the bus trips (including the Spring Trip,UIL contests, Winterguard, and special invitations for the band) and we provide drinks and snacks for the band members during the 3rd quarter of the football games.

The Booster Club has approximately four organizational meetings per year.

Meeting #1 -

Meeting #2 -

Meeting #3 -

Meeting #4 -

For information about the Band Booster Club and how to join, email the Volunteer Representative at

Executive Board

President: Michelle Ward

1st Vice President: Meryl Wilson

2nd Vice President: Mark Goldis

Treasurer: Natalie Ingram

Assistant Treasurer: Meg Hawkins

Historian: Kristin Miller

Secretary: Kim Cathey

Operations and Logistics

Banquet: Marie Goldis

Publicity & Communications: Open

Directory: Michelle Ward

Pit Crew: Mark Goldis

Spirit Wear: Mary Hawkins

Uniforms: Michelle Wood, Jenna Edwards

Photography: Kristin Miller

Videography: Open

Volunteer and Parent Mentor: Judy Mast

Website: Danny

5K & Corporate Donations: Natalie Ingram

CHS Bylaws