*Students will wear summer uniform for game 1-3

FRIDAYS: Bring your Black DUFFEL BAG with marching shoes, black socks, compression shorts and compression shirt. Bring your water Jugs and fill them up with water before we depart for game. Students’primary hydration is their own water jug at the football games. We may offer water at a point during the game, but it is the student’s responsibility to bring their water jugs in their duffels to games.

STUDENTS MUST have an OFFICIAL BAND DUFFEL if they want to take it to the stands – exceptions can be made if a student is waiting on a duffel order to arrive. We can take orders if you need to order a duffel bag. If they have ordered one, then we will distribute when they arrive. Students may enter the stands with ONLY their Instrument, BAND Duffel/Water Jug.

COMMUNICATION: Please check our weekly emails for information for the week. Also reference our website and google calendar at Our students receive notifications via Group Me app and all sections have a group that they relay information back to their sections. In addition we have a Facebook Page – follow us Creekview High School Mustang Marching Band

PLEASE READ ALL OF MY EMAILS THOROUGHLY. We spend a lot of time sending you pertinent information for the band program – many questions can be answered through our weekly emails.

DRESS REHEARSAL: when students are released from class, they will come to the band hall, quickly change into their compression gear [Compression shirt, Compression shorts + athletic shorts, marching shoes and black socks. We will have a visual run through on our band field before we dismiss for loading the truck with instruments and eat dinner. This will be from 3:45 – 4:45pm.

SHOW SHIRT: Required Item, we’ll be wearing it during Pep Rallies and various events/rehearsals during the season. If you need to purchase one – email us and let us know!

CELL PHONES are NOT to be seen during football games/ students can keep them in their Duffle Bags.

ELIGIBILITY: All Members of the Mustang Band must be eligible in academics for clearance to travel and perform with the band. All students who fail a class at the eligibility grading check point, will miss games and CAN NOT ATTEND THE GAMES until they regain eligibility.

VALUABLES: we will have a designated locker in the band hall to lock up any personal valuables before we leave – please check with Mr. Atkinson – we are not liable for lost or stolen items from the band hall while we are at football games.

INSTRUMENT STORAGE ROOM: MUST BE CLEAN at all times. Do not leave your bags on the floor where people walk – use empty cubbies if needed. This is a responsibility for everyone.

BANDHALL: – NO EATING OR FOOD IN THE BAND HALL. Please pick up after yourself. Lost and found will be taken to donation centers if items not claimed.

GAME DAYS: remember to bring all your equipment and materials. We will HAVE several Z racks for you to hang your UNIFORM. ALWAYS have your uniform in your GARMENT BAG. ALWAYS. J

GARMENT BAGS: All students will be issued a Garment Bag that is labeled with your name and uniform numbers. You are to be responsible for your 2 HANGERS. Place your uniform in this bag (LABELED WITH YOUR NAME) at all times when on campus for proper identification and to avoid mismatching parts of the uniform with other members. It is your responsibility to keep track of your uniform parts.

MARCHING UNIFORMS: cost $350.00 per unit for replacement. WE DO NOT EAT in uniform, use foul language or RUN in our uniforms. Help us maintain a high level of discipline in how we treat and clean our uniforms this season. When we finish an event ALL students are expected to HANG the uniforms PROPERLY to avoid creases and wrinkles. You’ll need to keep and take care of the hanger that is assigned to you.

Students will be RESPONSIBLE to hold on to their uniforms during the season. The Uniform should be properly hung after EVERY performance – Plan each week to set out all the things you need for GAME DAYS the day before so you can make sure you have all the parts.

UNIFORM INVENTORY: Students should have a Garment Bag (with their name and numbers), 2 HANGERS, Jacket, Pants (bibbers), pair of gauntlets, Shako (hat), Hat wrap and a Hat Box (except for Front Ensemble – they do not wear hats) and Sousaphone players will have Black Berets to wear.

HAIR: Ladies and Men must have a neat appearance – all hair must be pulled up in a bun away from the face – no ponytails. All Men must have a trimmed clean look at the approval and discretion of all band directors.

JEWELRY: No jewelry should be worn during performances. Keep all rings, earrings, and necklaces at home that day/ also NO finger nail paint! – exceptions can only be cleared with Mr. Denis.

DINNER: Before the game: You may have purchased a meal plan for your son/daughter – if so then we’ll have a meal delivered to the school at 3:40pm for them every game Home/Away. If you did not purchase a meal plan ahead of time, then you may purchase a meal each week by having your student put their name on the meal list and placing their $6.00 in an envelope with their name on it in the safe each week by the deadline or you’ll need to make arrangements for your child to get food dropped off. We do not recommend students leave before the game for the variables we can’t control in traffic and accidents.

DUFFEL BAGS: ARE OPTIONAL. These are NOT required to have, BUT if a student wishes to take stored items into the stands, they will only be allowed in the OFFICIAL BLACK BAND DUFFEL BAG. Students will enter the stadium with essential materials/equipment: UNIFORM, SHAKO HAT, INSTRUMENT, FLIP FOLDER and WATER JUG. If they wish and ordered/purchased a Band Duffel bag, they may choose to take it. Not having a Black duffel is okay, its optional.There will be no substitutes allowed such as generic black bags or Hat Boxes, or draw string bags. Students will all ready have plenty on their hands, adding a duffel can sometimes become a labor to transport up and down stands.

HOME GAMES: Bus Transportation to Standridge Stadium (HOME) is NOT provided per district policy so students must arrange their own transportation to Standridge. All High Schools across the district drive to the home games and contests at Standridge Stadium and often carpool many students to the game. Please make plans to have a ride or carpool for your son/daughter to all Home Games or Standridge rehearsals/performances.

AWAY GAMES: We will have 4 buses for all away games outside of CFB and Marching Contests. Students will be assigned a bus by their instrument and when you can volunteer, ride with us on any of the buses!

DURING HOT WEATHER: Students will enter the stadium in Halves (bibbers/compression top) and Jacket/Hat in hand. The band will wear the full uniform for the halftime performance only. This will remain at the discretion of the Head Band Director. Students are responsible for their own hydration, so be sure they have a water jug labeled clearly with their name. They will be expected to bring this to the games/rehearsals/performances.

DURING COLD WEATHER: students can choose to wear thermal long johns under their uniform as long as it is dark and not visible beyond the uniform lengths. The other option is students can wear their OFFICIAL LETTERMAN Jackets ONLY and appropriate color head/ear bands to block the cold and air. NO EXCEPTIONS. Our policy remains – for Cold weather: Students wear official letterman jacket or thermal fitting long johns to keep warm. We will always prioritize maintaining uniformity in the stands.

LETTERMAN JACKETS: at games students can wear their letterman jackets over their uniforms when it gets unusually cold later in the season. If it is not an official SCHOOL LETTERMAN JACKET it is NOT approved. Please DO NOT ASK for exceptions. All students have the option to purchase the letterman jacket at the start of the year during band registration. *Students participation in All Region / solo and ensemble will count to the “LETTER C” for their jackets – this is awarded at Banquet yearly – students fill out a LETTER application at the end of the Spring semester. The alternative options for cold weather is for students to wear thermal long johns should we get further in the playoff season when the weather could get really cold.

BUS RIDE: when the band travels to away games and contests - always be respectful of your driver and their expectations/rules. NO FOUL Language on the bus and when we’re in a parking lot – there is NO talking. This will help our drivers. We do not hang our uniforms on the bus windows, this limits the drivers view. All Students must be in their seats before a driver will depart. Bus captains will take roll – listen and say here when your name is called.

DURING RAINY WEATHER: Students have ponchos that should be stored in their official band duffel bags – We may need to wear our CLEAR ponchos if we are at a performance event and it begins to rain. If we notice prior to departure the weather is going to be bad, then we will consult with the campus principal before cancelling a game performance. ** We will notify the band in advance to bring their ponchos should the forecast hint at inclement weather conditions.

DURING THE FOOTBALL GAME: STUDENTS ARE NOT TO EAT CONCESSION FOODS, or drinks (except for water) – we may provide a cracker snack after half time, but that is all the approved snack/drinks that are allowed while in uniform. Students with allergies can bring their own approved snacks. Students are not to accept Gatorade or any other snacks from parents or friends. Anytime we walk in a parking lot, we walk in pairs. ALWAYS. Find a 2 and walk with them. Never alone or 3’s. We all represent CFBISD and Creekview, be courteous and professional when in uniform.

RESTROOMS: During a football game we are supporters of the football team! If you have to use the restroom you may go in two’s and quickly return. We will limit our flexibility if too many people leave at once. We must always be ready to perform in the stands!

PERFORMANCES: All Students should have their FLIP FOLDERS at EVERY GAME. ALWAYS. With all the music they need. Consult with our band librarians if you need music.

INSPECTION: each game day Home/away we will have uniform inspection in the band hall prior to departure. Here students will line up by sections and section leaders will check each member for accurate materials and equipment. Students will be in Full Uniform for the inspection and are to be silent while they are checking members. From here students will be release to load buses by class starting with seniority – Seniors, Juniors, Sophomores and then Freshmen.

FLIP FOLDERS: are required by all students and MUST be labeled with their names. They will use these in the stands and also to play for the CHEVALS before halftime on the field. We have given everyone a flip folder this year, so no excuses. Have your Flips.

SUMMER BAND UNIFORM: all students performing will wear the show shirt, khaki shorts and tennis shoes for these performances. Students are advised to observe school dress code when selecting their shorts as this will be a public performance setting.

ENTERING THE STANDS: We will always line up in a block by sections outside the facility and enter in a SINGLE file line. The directors/Drum Majors will assist in placement of the band. You may choose to stand next to anyone in your section, but we will not move across sections during the game. All band members will stay in their assigned sections with their friends. We STAND during the game unless direction is given by one of the directors to sit. Remember that wearing the uniform is a professional visual in the community, no PDA among our relationships.

QUESTIONS??? : You have very experienced Parents, Drum Majors, Band Presidents, Band Leadership Team, Veteran Marchers, Marching Techs – please seek the answer through the chain of command before coming to Mr. Denis J game days are very busy!

Thank you for reading this document! The strength of our program is in our active efforts to improve the process and opportunity for growth and Musical achievement for our band students!