Future Members

Congratulations! You will soon be a Member of the CREEKVIEW BAND! Below are several things that will help you transition to our band program!

Future Member Document

Q & A

Who do I contact about joining band?



Marching Band:

  • When will we get music?
  • When do we begin practice marching with the band?
  • When is Summer Band?
  • When can I check out an instrument


  • When do they happen?
  • How will I audition for Band from Middle School or another campus?
  • Will there be more auditions during the year?
  • What will I have to prepare?


  • What will I need for Band
    • Positive Attitude
    • Attendance at ALL EVENTS
    • organization of your time
    • Music Folder
    • Flip Folder
    • Marching Coordinate Sheets
    • Water Jug for marching practice
    • Instrument, Pencil, Music, Reeds, Mouthpiece, etc.