December 5th - January 20th

"Everybody should learn to program a computer, because it teaches you how to think."

-Steve Jobs

Did you know?

Participate in the Hour of Code

Students can participate in the Hour of Code and earn a certificate.

You can participate as part of a teacher/librarian led activity or work independently either in class or at home. Check out ways to be part of Hour of Code below! A great intro is to watch one of the provided videos then explore coding opportunities on our CFB Hour of Code Website or's Website.

Hour of Code Choice Board 22-23 (ele).pdf
Hour of Code Choice Board 22-23 (sec).pdf

After completion, claim your student certificate:

Teachers & Librarians can host Hour of Code to be eligible for a raffle.

Help your students get involved by allowing time in class and leading an activity for them. Check out ways to lead an Hour of Code above and below! A great intro is to watch one of the provided videos, then introduce the activity. They could code online or with Bee-Bots, take part in an unplugged task, complete a Seesaw activity, or listen to a favorite coding book read by you!

Note to Librarians:

Above and to the right are suggestions for implementing an Hour of Code at your campus. However, many of you have implemented plans in the past that are perfect! Happy Coding!

Hour of Code Choice Board 22-23 (lib).pdf

After completion of Hour of Code with students, complete this form to join the raffle!

There will be some nice prizes awarded by a random drawing on January 27th.

Start with 1 Hour of Code

Various activities that PreK- 5 students can select from categorized from beginner to advanced. Activities feature Minecraft, Star Wars, Angry Birds and many other fun characters, or integrate a Bee-Bot activity!
Activities for 6- 12 students to experience coding categorized from beginner to advanced. Students can choose from block coding activities or the text-based coding language, Python.
Teacher Resources for how to host your own Hour of Code in your classroom or at your school.

The goal of this global event is to expose students to the world of coding, and the opportunities available with this knowledge.

Students who learn computer science perform better in other subjects, excel at problem solving, and are 17% more likely to attend college.

For more information or questions, email

Carrollton- Farmers Branch ISDK12 Command Coding Program, Division of Digital Learning Department2427 Carrick St, Farmers Branch, TX 75234